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September 23, 2012
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CL - Rakharo by Skylinne CL - Rakharo by Skylinne

Name: Rakharo.
Level: 12.
Age: 866.
Gender: Male.
DOB March 12.

Race: Khadroman.
Division: First Bishop.
Height: 6' 4''. / 193cm.
Weight: 190 pounds / 86.3kgs.

The winged dude can be defined as a living, breathing encyclopedia. You name it, he knows it. Rakharo is gentle, protective and hard working, and those who share even one of the above mentioned gains his instant respect. He's generous towards people and will do anything on his reach, that ends up rather big, to help them. Honest to the point he's literally unable to lie, he staggers and mumbles every single time he tries, no matter who the person is or how insignificant the lie is. As a sideway, if he doesn't know what to say, he'll simply change the subject to something he knows, like mathematic or architecture. Cheerful almost in a goofy way, it contrasts heavily with his amazing intelligence and creativity. Downline, he's like one of those adorable puppies you stumble at sometimes that just win you with their shiny eyes and caring actions, willing to die for you once you gain his trust.

Talking about puppies, he can be as childish as one when angry. Practical up to an annoying point, he's overly critical and perfectionist, so if there's anything wrong, he'll make you do it all over again. Sometimes his assumptions and practices are seen as infernally frustrating to the ones around him, as he looks to mix the easy and the better way in one, comming up with a third path that sometimes makes no sense to the common person, but it does in his logical mind. He may not be shy around most people but, despite his age, he's completely oblivious around women, specially ones he doesn't know. He hardly ever sees when they're meaning something more than what they're saying, and most of the times he comes up as innocent, or frustrating, on their eyes. He can easily blush around them. Sometimes he only notices it much, much later.

Bio: [ / ]


Ace:</b> Perpetum Illum Curvo.
With this spell, he's able to prolongue even more his telekinesis ability, making it's effects last for a considerable amount of time without the need to re-cast it, and multiplying the range, size and amount of objects he can rise with his mind. Perpetual aswell are his headaches.

All Begginers/ Intermediate spells.
- Great affinity with Electric and Mana spells specifically, so these are the ones he's stronger at.
- Weak affinity with Water, Ice and Combat spells, knowing enough of the theory to practice, but a level 7 student can match him in performance in those.

Contract: Available

Health: 820.
Magic: 1580.
Attack: 1800.
Defense: 790.
Speed: 390.

Battling Style He avoids battle, so he's a mix of a counter-attacker and a nuker. If confronted, he'll never make the first move, and he'll probably cast an amazing, cleaning spell to get it done with quickly.

Additional Info: *WIP*
- Loves to put his students into embarrasing situations to make his point.
- Travels often to study a subject of his interest.
- His coat has so many little inner pockets Rakharo himself doesn't know what the hell did he put in half of them.
- The magic cloth on his wings weights practically nothing at all and gives him an extra speed boost in critical times, also it makes his wings invisible to the common eye when he wants.
- Has a beautiful menestrel voice, and is amazing with a guitar. He often dresses up as a commoner to go play in taverns and bars, hidding his wings.
- Often abuses of his telekinesis knowledge, so headaches are a common thing.
- His two-store public library is bigger than most rich people's houses, and it's all filled with books of all sorts in high shelves from ground level to the ceiling.
- Has a hobby of turning spells into songs, able to cast them like a melody.
- Scratches the back of his neck when nervous/shy/embarassed.
- Is dead afraid of hurting his wings, that's why he has that magic cloth to begin with.

Join us!
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Milky-kun Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
woah, adorei como ele pode esconder as asas e passar por um humano normal :heart:
e ele ainda luta cantando? um perfeito bardo.
fora que o violão ta mto bem feito :heart: adorei tudo nele *u*

Analu: *Ouvindo a música de olhos fechados* "....Bela canção...."
Ele so pode esconde-las se tiver com aquela capinha nas asas, senao nao da xDD
Hhahahahaha siim, ele e meio nuker, entao nao e bem uma luta... acaba meio rapido pra ser uma luta, mas que bom que gostou!

Rakharo: *arregala os olhos* Q.. que? Ah... brigado... Nao, nao era nada de mais! //blush
chexuka Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WAAH, HE'S SO COOL :iconamgtouchplz:
And AHA "Loves to put students in embarrassing situations to make his point.

Man, I wish I found this group sooner.
//camps out for the grand opening
hahaha I'm glad you liked him xD

Yeees, camp well, I want to see an amazing character from you when the group opens :eyes:
chexuka Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconpapmingplz: I'LL BE SURE TO CAMP WELL--
and I actually already designed my character for the group.

I'm not sure if you guys are taking design checks this early before enrollments though, haha. ;v;
Lol it's no problem you can show me if you want xD
chexuka Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay xD;;

Ohh looking nice! I didn't count his stats, but let's say you made it 500 :ming:

I liked his personality, the only thing i'd advise you is to tone down his power's reach a bit. He's just level 1, and 50m are like... a lot of meters, lol.
chexuka Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, okay! I'll change it.Thanks for reviewing over him. ;v;
Alexiel-Kurai Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Man I really love his wings! :D
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